Free open source support ticket system written in PHP

A few years back I was asked to find a support ticket system that was self-contained, web-based, preferrably open source and written in PHP. That way it can be easily modified and integrated into existing websites, as well as hosted under most Linux-based webhosting plans. I found osTicket — a product that fit all of the above criteria and offerred a simple PHP-based trouble ticket system. I was recently reminded of that project and decided to take another look at osTicket. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the product is still being developed and refined, as it offers an excellent solution for many small projects and organizations seeking to implement a simple trouble ticket system on the cheap.


A few features that have been improved since I last looked at osTicket are the all around look and feel of the interface, better dashboard reports, and email integration. New to me are the Knowledge Base, Service Level Agreement (SLA) support, and the API to process HTTP requests allowing the creation of tickets using XML/JSON or EMAIL formats. As I mentioned earlier, this product is open source and written in PHP, so it is fairly easy to modify the code and integrate it into an existing website. The backend database is usually MySQL, and in my previous implementation I had to setup a cron job to automatically parse and convert to tickets the e-mails received by the system.

osTicket dashboard

I can’t emphasize enought that is is one of those products that delivers exactly what it promises. Before you look at or spend one dime on another trouble ticket system — make sure you consider osTicket first. This is another open source winner, and soon to be a possible market leader.

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