Facebook as a search engine?

It’s been obvious to most for a while now, that Facebook is looking to get into the search engine business. Today I can confirm that that it is definitely the case. I was surprised to see a pike in my blog’s traffic analytics yesterday. Turns out the spike was caused by the Facebook Bot crawling and indexing my whole website, including all the pictures.

Facebook Bot statistics

Facebook definitely needs more ways to monetize their business [beyond selling users’ personal data to advertisers and government agencies], and search is a proven product that keeps bringing people back to the site. Besides the quality of the search results, I do see a few potential usability issues though. First of all, I do not want to login to do a simple web search. Second, I want a search page that loads quickly and does not provide any miscellaneous ads or info other than a search box. Google works this way and now we are all used to that. I am very much interested to see what Facebook will come up with.

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